Turned Salad Spoon and Fork

This salad spoon and fork started as half an apple log. I made it roughly octagonal on my bandsaw before mounting it on the lathe.

I turned it on the lathe, leaving a big bulb where the spoon and fork would be, and making some good firm grips for those salads that try to get away.


After turning it, I brought it back to the bandsaw to cut it in half. After halving it I brought it inside and hollowed out both sides with the hook knife and sanded off the bandsaw marks.


Once the bowls were hollowed out I brought the fork back to the bandsaw again and cut out the tines on the fork. Then I did a bunch more sanding on the bowl and around the tines.


Finally I gave them a very liberal soaking with mineral oil and paraffin wax. These things were so thirsty, they easily soaked up a quarter cup of mineral oil.


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