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My other blog was a garden blog and so old posts have a high likelihood of becoming relevant again each and every year around the same time. I wanted a way to display a link to the blog post written nearest to the current date from each previous year. After not finding a plugin that did what I wanted, I wrote my own.

Todayish in History

The plugin is named Todayish because if there isn’t a blog post from today’s
date in previous years it will use the blog post which is the least
number of days away from todays date.

Todayish in History provides a function for use in themes as well as a
widget for use in your sidebar.

Download Todayish In History For WordPress

Download The Latest Version

You can find a list all versions in the download directory.

Fork me on Github.

You can also find downloads at Todayish In History @




There is no online demo at this time.

Installation and Settings

  1. Unzip the file to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

Using the Todayish Widget

  1. Place the Todayish In History in a sidebar using the WordPress Widgets tool in the Appearence menu
  2. Change the settings if desired

Using Todayish in Your Theme

Add the following where you want Todayish in History to appear


You can also pass an array of settings to the function.

    $settings = Array(
        'limit' => 100,
        'title' => "Todayish In History",
        'class' => 'horizontal',
        'width' => '200px',
        'iswidget' => FALSE,

All of the settings fields are optional. Here’s what they mean.

  • parameter (default value, value type) — Description
  • limit (100,int) — How many years of history to show
  • title (“Todayish In History”,string) — The title displayed next to the dropdown
  • class (horizontal,css legal string) — The class added to the outermost div for styling purposes
  • width (200px,valid css width) — How wide should the dropdown be.
  • iswidget (FALSE,boolean) — If TRUE adds class ‘widgettitle’ to h2 widget title

By default the dropdown drops directly down, and titles too wide for the
drop-down are truncated. To change this behavior so that the dropped-down list
is as wide as it needs to be, see the comment in todayish_in_history.css

5 Responses to Todayish In History

  1. Arthur says:

    Cool plug-in! But, I have a couple of questions:

    1 – Is there a way to set a date limit of up to a certain date / year?
    Example: Have Today-ish list years only up to 2006, ignoring 2007 through today.

    2 – Is there a way to set a date limit to start at a certain year, as opposed to the current filtering of a number of years?
    Example: Have Today-ish list years since 2007, as opposed to the current filter setting of “5” and then having to remember to change it to “6” next year?

    I am hoping to be able to run Today-ish in two separate widgets on my site (if that is possible), one for all posts pre-2007 and another for all posts after 2006.

    3 – Is it possible to set the search to only list posts in each year that are within a specific number of days (like 30 days ahead and behind) of todays date, to prevent a post that is the only post in a particular year from always showing?

    • stuporglue says:

      Hi Arthur, thanks for questions!

      These are all great ideas. None of these things are implemented today but would good improvements for version 0.2.

      I should probably have time to implement at least #2 and #3 this weekend, and should release 0.2 early next week.

  2. your plugin doesn’t work on my page. It shows up all days…. Can you help me?

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