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Planting 2012, Round One

I did it! I started planting. I put in the peas, onions, carrots, spinach, lettuce, corn and beets. I put them in on Wednesday (the 4th) but I just haven’t had a chance to write it up.

Calvin planting peas
Calvin planting peas

Calvin, my almost 4-year-old was my helper buddy. He was very deliberate with planting, and put the seeds just as far apart as I told him to. With the beets he would just take 2 seeds from the tin at a time. He was excited to be helping because he had taken a nap, and got to stay up later than his older brother.

My happy helper
My happy helper

While we were planting I noticed that our apple trees are budding. I have high hopes for our apple trees this year. This will be their 3rd summer and the general consensus is that they take till their third year to start producing. We had a couple apples their first year, but nothing substantial. Last year the birds ate all the flowers. This year we’re not putting out bird seed in the feeder till the apples have set and have been bagged for protection. With the extra care and a little bit of luck I think we’ll have a decent crop.

Apple buds starting to come out
Apple buds starting to come out

Happy gardening!

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The Fridley Farmer : Planting Blueberries, Lingonberry and Raspberries

Today is a very exciting day, our first batch of berries arrived!

Berries out of the box, getting unwrapped

We planted a row of blueberries. Three North Blues and two Chippewas.

Blueberry row

Two lingonberry plants.

Lingonberry plant

Ryan helped plant the raspberries. We got 6 Autumn Britten raspberries plants and 6 Caroline raspberry plants.

Ryan planting raspberry canes

All in all a very successful evening. Made all the more successful because our friend Erik is in town visiting and entertained the boys while I was getting the blueberries planted.

Erik plays with the boys while I plant berries

We ordered everything from http://www.hartmannsplantcompany.com/. Their service was great, with fast and knowledgeable e-mail responses each time I had questions.

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The Fridley Farmer : Planting, round two

Last Tuesday night was a flurry of garden activity. I was two weeks late getting the tomaotes, peppers, rhubarb and eggplants planted, and it was time for the cucumbers and pumpkins to be getting planted. The peas were due to be planted outside as well.

So, racing against dusk we planted the peas in the garden. We planted three kinds. Garden Pea Maestro, Snow Pea Oregon Sugar Pod II and Thomas Laxton, all from Burpee. Ryan had a really good time helping. He wanted to rake the dirt, hoe it, plant the seeds and water it all himself. His enthusiasm exceeds his ability however, so we let him help a little bit with each task then corrected his over exuberance. Had we let him plant the peas himself, for example, they would have either ended up allover the garden or in a single big pile.

By the time we were done it was too dark for pictures, so that’ll have to wait for another day.

Once we got Ryan in bed Caroline and I filled the rest of our indoor planters. Here’s Caroline holding a seed packet. Even though she had a C-section just a few weeks ago she was out in the garden doing everything right along with me!

I mixed up potting soil and water in the 5 gallon bucket till it was nice and muddy and filled the trays. Then we laid the envelopes out over the tray sections they were going in. As I planted the seeds Caroline used a sharpie and plastic straws to make markers so we would know what we planted where.

Caroline Planting Seeds

Hey look, dirt and seeds!

Planning, Planting and labeling seeds

The average last day of frost for Minneapolis (May 21). As you can see below, the weather is trying hard to make that date. Wish our garden luck!

Snow this Friday! Yikes!
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