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Making a pie-bird rack

Caroline has a nice collection of pie birds. For our anniversary I made her a pie bird holder to show them off.

This board was cut from a walnut branch with a chainsaw and had been drying in my garage for several years.

I used a hand plane to do get it flat, and then the ShopSmith belt sander to get it smooth.

I drilled holes and inserted short dowels for the pie birds to sit on.

For the words, I found a font I liked and used Inkscape to layout the words as a mirror image. I printed them on our laser printer, then used a hot iron to transfer the mirrored image to the wood.

With the mirrored letters on the wood I used a wood burner to (very slowly…) burn over the letters to make it nice and solid black.

file (1)


For finishing I used about 10 coats of shellac. It dried quickly and made it nice and shiny.

To hang it I secured some blocks to the back with glue and screws, and attached D-rings to those blocks. I used washers and long screws to secure it to the wall, so that it can’t fall off without unscrewing the screws.

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