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Fridley Farmer : First Planting and building a light stand

There’s a lot going on in the garden still. We finished loading 8 cubic yards of dirt into our garden areas, I’m building a rabbit proof fence, we need to acidify the blueberry patch so they’ll grow, and we planted some seeds last night.

Also, we are having a baby today.

With the last average frost date a mere 6 weeks off and with this year being exceptionally warm, we planted our Broccoli, Cauliflower, Eggplant, Peppers, Lettuce and some tomatoes last night. Tomatoes shouldn’t really be planted for another three weeks, but I’m hoping that the weather will continue to be warmer than usual. Also, we will plant more tomatoes in 3 weeks. I have faith that it will all work out.

Plant trays growing under a fluorescent light

Everything we planted will live in the basement under a fluorescent light and be transplanted later. We bought plastic trays with covers and some clean bagged dirt from Home Depot. I mixed up some dirt into mud and Ryan, my 4 year old, helped me fill the plastic trays. He didn’t like getting his hands dirty though which was surprising. Maybe it was just too wet and cold for him.

After planting everything, I built a stand to keep the plants off the basement floor (to keep them warmer, the cement floor sucks the heat out of everything) and to hang the 4 foot fluorescent shop lights from. I used leftover 2x4s from a demolition project, and even reused the nails.

The light I stole from our garage where it had been jerry-rigged by previous owners, but left in an unusable state. The fluorescents will raise the temp a few degrees and provide the light the plants need to get started. With any luck the plants will sprout and be well on their way to growing by May 21st, the last average frost date for Fridley!

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