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Milling Cherry Logs With A Scaffolding Jack Chainsaw Mill

Sometimes it seems like you just don’t have the right tool for the job, starting with picking up these logs.

When I saw them on Craigslist they looked to be about 10 inches in diameter and a few feet long.

Turns out they were 22 inches in diameter and 5 feet long. Big.

The right tool would’ve been a truck with a winch, but I made do with a minivan and some ratchet straps. These things were super heavy.

I had helpers when it came to de-barking…

…and then we used wedges to split the logs.

A good friend came and helped with the splitting. Here we’re prying apart a log that has split, but just won’t separate.

We goth both logs halved and then decided to quarter them.

Afterwards we stacked them and my 9 year old painted their ends for me.

To mill the logs into boards I built a saw mill out of 2x4s, a 2×6 and two scaffolding jacks. The right tool for this job would’ve been a nice large bandsaw mill (then I wouldn’t have even split the logs, I would’ve just milled them whole).

I started by screwing the log to a piece of plywood so it wouldn’t rock or slip.

I then positioned the log close to the chainsaw mill’s I-beam.

I then used the jacks to lower the I-beam until the saw was at the desired height.

Here’s a shot showing the finished surface. Not too bad.

Here’s another view of the chainsaw mill.

And the mess that was left over.

If all goes well, I’ll get these logs cut into boards and stickered (stacked, with spacers between them) in the next week or so. Then I’ll let the boards dry, and in a year or so I hope to turn this cherry wood into some nice nightstands or something for our home.

The scraps will be used for wood turnings, tool handles and carving.

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Cherry Tree Planted. Mulched.

I got the North Star cherry tree planted on Thursday like I planned. Ryan, Katie and Calvin helped as best they could as did my brother-in-law Tyler. Before planting the tree I tried cutting out the rest of the stump from the birch tree. 1/2 through the job the chainsaw died. After fighting the chainsaw for an hour or so, I gave up and left it overnight. Friday I used an ax and chopped as much out as I could.

Three Helpers
Three Helpers

Today Craigslist came through for me. I’ve been waiting for someone to give away free woodchips for a week or so, and today it happened. I filled up the back of our trailblazer and come home to put the chips around the trees.

How do you like the repairs I made to my wheelbarrow? The original aluminum legs folded over one too many times and wouldn’t carry a load. Good new wheelbarrows were too expensive when I had most of a good one still at home. So I used some 2x4s, and a long bolt I had in my parts bins and fixed it up.

A wheelbarrow full of woodchips
A wheelbarrow full of woodchips

Our little cherry tree is finally in its new home! What remains of the stump forms a small mound behind the cherry tree. Small enough that I covered it with sod and dirt, and am hopeful that over time it will rot and settle back down to be flat.

Our new cherry tree with woodchips
Our new cherry tree with woodchips
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2012 Garden Orders Placed

Happily, my garden orders will only be about $100 this year compared to $200 + dirt money we spent last year and the year before. The garden will be a little bit smaller which partly accounts for the decreased cost. The vine borers were so bad with the pumpkins last year that I’m not going to plant anything that they can eat. Hopefully a year of starving will keep them at bay, and I can grow some nice pumpkins again next year.

I have a lot of seeds left over from last year which helps too.  I only had to order one type of tomato this year.

Goals and Decisions

This year I decided I wanted to plant less types of plants, and to do more canning with the larger crops. I settled on beets, peas and basil. Beets because I like beets (and I bought a pound of beet seeds last year!), peas because you can never have too many fresh peas, and basil because last year’s crop was sufficient for cooking, but much too small to make pesto. And I love pesto.

I also focused on turning the garden next to our house into an herb garden. I just got accepted to the UMN Masters of Geographic Information Science, so I expect that the next couple of years will be very busy. I plan to continue gardening, but I want to reduce the amount of work it takes. I’m hoping that having an herb garden is part of that solution.

This Year’s Order: $101.23

The total isn’t actually in yet, because I haven’t bought the cherry tree, but it’s in the budget this time around and I know what kind I want. We’re going to get a North Star sour cherry tree. Here’s the rest of the order.

Next On The Todo List

Next up on the todo list is to clean my starter pots so they’ll be ready when the seeds get here. I also need to sharpen my lawn mower,  shovels and hoes. I bought a tiller that doesn’t start last fall, so I need to get that running and till the garden.

It’s nice to be working on gardening stuff again!

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