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ShopSmith Drive and Ring Replacement

I’ve been having some ShopSmith problems. It was juddering and making clacking noises at high speeds when I’d apply any pressure to the disc sander or table saw or lathe.

I thought I might just have a loose Poly V belt so I took off the cover and tightened it and started lubing up everything with 3-in-1 oil since I was in there anyways…and then I saw it.






The plastic coupler that goes between the drive sheaves axle and the quill was cracked. I’m not sure how it happened, maybe it was because I used the SS when it was cold out last Winter and it’s just been cracked since then, or maybe it was during a catch while turning something. In any case it was obvious that this was my problem.

Fortunately this was one of the pieces of which I had a spare on hand. At first I thought that I’d need to do a complete tear down, which you have to do to get the Poly V belt out. Then I realized that I could just remove the quill, saving myself something like 4 hours.

I loosened the set screw on the top, extended the quill as far it could go, and then pulled it out by hand. The only trick when doing this is to control the springback of the quill retractor springs.


With the quill removed I was able to use a long screwdriver and some patients to pry the broken plastic coupler off and replace it. The ShopSmith is now running much smoother, even at low speeds.

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