Pizza in Brazil (A 1998 Journal Entry)

This is a journal entry from 1998 through the eyes of a 16 year old small-town Michigan boy. Despite my naïveté, I did my best to record what I saw and experienced so others would know what it was like. Try to interpret anything you read here through that lens and realize that it may not completely match reality.


I can’t say for all pizza, but it is very different, but very good.

No tomato sauce, cream cheese instead, but not the same as Phillidelphia.

A typical pizza has shredded chicken, mozzarella cheese, a few tomato slices and a few black olives.

2012 Update

I’m not sure why that entry on Pizza was so short. I love Brazilian pizza, so here’s some more info.

Most pizzas don’t have much tomato sauce, if they do it’s generally a very thin layer. Pizzas are nearly always thin-crust and very often wood fired.

Most pizza places deliver, frequently by motorcycle. The motorcycles have fiberglass or metal hot boxes bolted on the back and zip around the city delivering deliciousness to your doorstep.

Some of my favorite Brazilian pizzas include:

Frango com Catupiry — Shredded chicken and Catupiry cheese. Catupiry is a creamy cheese with the uncookced consistency of corn starch mixed with water. It’s got a creamy, delicious, salty, taste and goes really well with the chicken.

Frango com Milho Verde — Shredded chicken and corn. Milho verde is like sweet corn, but not sweet — just large fresh kernels.

Gorgonzola — You can get gorgonzola cheese in the US, but I’ve never seen it on a pizza here (except at my house!). It’s got a strong flavor and goes well on a pizza with thinly sliced onions.

Margherita — A traditional Italian pizza with just buffalo mozzerella, basil and tomato. When wood fired it’s deliciously simple.

Desert pizzas are also prominent, but I’ve never liked desert pizza. I would rather have real pizza for desert than desert pizza.

Pizza Rodizios

A Rodizio is a brazilian steak house where the servers carry various cuts of meat to your table and you eat from each type until you’re stuffed. If you’re lucky you’ll also run into a pizza rodizio where they bring all sorts of types of pizza by your table and you eat till you’re stuffed. The pizza at the pizza rodizios aren’t usually as high of quality, but you get to try a lot of flavors and it’s lots of fun.

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