A Family Photo Jig-Saw Puzzle

SOMEONE had a 60th birthday recently, so I made a jigsaw puzzle. Caroline printed the picture for me and I glued it to a piece of masonite hardboard using E9000 glue. After it dried I sliced it up on the scroll saw.

Our family jigsaw puzzle all put together
Our family jigsaw puzzle all put together

I make sure that each person was their own piece, and then kept cutting pieces in half until there were 60 of them. The pieces do not all interlock, although some of them do.

Unfortunately I ran out of glue when gluing the picture down originally, so the glue layer was a little thin and some of the pictures started peeling off. Since I was out of E9000 I used ShoeGoo to stick them down all the way.

Our family is so far apart!
Our family is so far apart!

Caroline picked up a cardboard box at the craft store and let the kids write messages on it, and we glued a smaller version of the picture to the cover, just like a real jigsaw puzzle would have.

The puzzle is pretty fun, and is harder than it should be for just being 60 pieces. The birthday boy seemed to like it though, and that’s what counts!

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Walnut Firewood Spoon

This last weekend we went camping in Nauvoo, IL and I made sure that our hatchet was freshly sharpened. I also brought my bowl gouge and spoon knife.

When we bought firewood I was happy to find that it was nice dry walnut, and I found a piece without too many cracks in it.

Hannah tried to pick it up for me, but it was too unwieldy for her.


I worked on it when we were sitting around the camp in between outings. Here we are on day two, working on shaping a spoon out of it. The shavings were useful for starting fires.


I’m getting slightly smarter. I left a big nub on the end of the spoon until the very end. I used it to hold the spoon so I could make cuts from both directions both with the hatchet and with the spoon knife.


I wanted to make a big spoon that would work well almost as a ladle. Since the handle was so fat, I carved a spiral into it to help it look a little bit lighter and to give it a touch of decoration.


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Mulberry Wooden Spoon

The neighbors cut down a Mulberry tree last Sunday. I only grabbed one small branch – I’ve got too much going on to commit to more wood – and tonight I made time to make a spoon out of it. I used the hatchet for most of it, but used the adz and spoon on the bowl.

I also used my pocket knife for some detailed work.

The draw knife wasn’t very useful on this project. The grain was just too contrary and whenever it would switch directions, the draw knife would catch and pull out a little chunk of the wood. It probably means I need to sharpen the draw knife, but it was just a hassle tonight.

Mulberry Wooden Spoon
Mulberry Wooden Spoon

The curve of this thing is a little bit awkward, but that’s the shape the branch was, and I think it’ll actually work pretty well for serving rice or things like that. It doesn’t lay flat, so you’d need a spoon rest if you were using it on the stove.

Mulberry Wooden Spoon
Mulberry Wooden Spoon
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