Modular Oak Spice Rack

One of the things we were planning for the kitchen was a spice rack. We’ve got lot of spices and they clutter up the cupboard, so a spice rack seemed like just the thing to help us get organized.

I wanted to make something that was a bit unique, which would help us be more organized and which would look good.

Here’s what we built.

01 - Final Photo First

This is the space I had to work with. Between the side of the cupboard and the moulding on the sliding door was a 4 inch space, plenty of depth for some spice bottles.

02 - The Space

I started with a 4×1 maple board and spent some time with our spice bottles to see how far apart the shelves should be. I made sure to take into account the thickness of the shelves and to give a little extra space to get the bottles in and out with ease.

Once I had the measurements I used a framing square to mark the start of each line and a smaller square to draw a straight line across the board for each shelf.

04 - Measure twice

Next I made a mini-dado with two saw blades stacked side by side, with a washer in between. This worked out to be about the same thickness as my shelves.

I used my mini dado with the cross cut sled to cut slots for the shelves all along the 1×4.

05 - Cut Once


I then set up the table saw fence and cut three 1-inch wide strips from he 1×4. These strips will hold up the shelves.

06 - Cutting the supports


Now on to the shelves. Home depot had some 4-inch wide, 1/4 inch thick oak boards that seemed suitable. I the shelf design by drawing a curve that I liked.

03 - Measure once


Then cutting the shelves all to length in the cross cut sled.


07 - Cut the shelves with the crosscut sled




Next I used traced the curve in several different positions on different shelves and cut them out on the bandsaw.

08 - Cutting out the shelf shapes

I only had a 1/2 inch bandsaw blade which didn’t let me cut tight curves so I used the belt sander to round out some of the rough spots.

Here are the different shelf designs. There’s a whole shelf, a hole in the middle, a hole everywhere but the middle and varying lengths of left and right shelves.

09 - Sanding


Here I’m doing a test before finishing or mounting the spice rack.

10 - Testing it

Looks good! I finished everything with watco danish oil, and then screwed the long strips to the wall. The shelves can be removed and repositions from the slots.

11 - After applying Danish Oil and Hanging 12 - Angle shot13 - Top down


So there you go, there’s our new spice rack!


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  1. Adam B says:

    Such a unique design and idea – your spice rack is awesome.

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