End Grain “Dad” Cutting Board

I made this cutting board for my dad for Christmas this year. It’s maple and mahogany.

1 - Sanded and Oiled



I started with these mahogany and maple boards from Menards.

2 - Mahogany and Maple Strips

I first ripped them to be the same width as they were thick. (3/4 inch) and then cut them into foot long lengths.

3 - Shorter square strips

I then set up a fence on the cross cut sled and cut the sticks into smaller blocks.

4 - Cutting small blocks on the cross cut sled



And soon I had a whole pile of blocks to work with.


5 - Lots of blocks


I arranged them like they were pixels to say “DAD” and made a simple frame from some scraps of plywood. The frame is to aid in clamping.

6 - Doing a dry fit

Caroline helped me get everything glued and clamped.

7 - My wife helped glue and clamp it


Once the glue was dry I sanded everything and then soaked it with mineral oil to help protect it.

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