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This is the download directory for the Todayish In History WordPress plugin.

The official site for Todayish In History is and its page at is

Todayish In History shows a list of links to blog posts from your blog which were posted in previous years at about the same date as today. If there isn't a blog post from today's date in previous years it will use the blog post which is the least number of days away from todays date. Todayish in History provides a function for use in themes as well as a widget for use in your sidebar.

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 todayish-in-history-0.1.1.zip17-Apr-2012 17:31 219K
 todayish-in-history-0.1.zip17-Apr-2012 10:45 219K
 todayish-in-history-0.2.zip22-Apr-2012 22:31 220K
 todayish-in-history.zip22-Apr-2012 22:31 220K