Describe Sacramento, Minas Gerais, Brazil (A 1998 Journal Entry)

This is a journal entry from 1998 through the eyes of a 16 year old small-town Michigan boy. Despite my naïveté, I did my best to record what I saw and experienced so others would know what it was like. Try to interpret anything you read here through that lens and realize that it may not completely match reality.

Describe Sacramento, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Well…First the roofs. Almost every roof is either red clay shingles or corrugated metal or plastic. The building show a strong trend towards cement, stucco and tiles. The average building is 2-3 stories tall. The sidewalks are stone with stones about 1 foot or 1/2 foot across and wide. The roads are organized cobblestone. Each rock looks the same color and is cut almost the same size. In the middle of the road every 10-15 feet is a tree, some kind of palm.

The highways however are paved and much smoother than Ironwoods.

Driving laws are different. I think there isn’t as much respect for the centerline, speed limit or pedestrians.

2012 Update

I now know that the roads weren’t cobblestone, they used Sett Paving. If I had spent any time at all in California before going to Brazil, I would have described the architecture as Spanish Mission Style.

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