Christmas Tree Ornaments

I’ve seen these (and many fancier ones) wooden turned ornaments online and I decided to try making some.

One of the nice things about these was that they didn’t have to match or look any particular way. I could just turn them and let the wood determine how much to cut them and where.

I turned these all on the lathe. Once I got going each one took about half an hour to make. That’s still much longer than they should take, but much less time than it takes me to make a bowl or a rolling pin, or whatever.

These were lots of fun to make and I’ll be making more of them this coming year for sure.

After turning them on the lathe I sanded them down to 500 grit, then applied paste wax to make them shiny.

I ended up making five snowmen and two christmas trees. The ligher wood is apple, the darker wood is walnut.


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One Response to Christmas Tree Ornaments

  1. Janny says:

    Michael I am so honored to receive my Christmas tree ornament! I absolutely Love It!! You are amazing.
    I love you LOTS!!! Janny

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