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Modular Oak Spice Rack

One of the things we were planning for the kitchen was a spice rack. We’ve got lot of spices and they clutter up the cupboard, so a spice rack seemed like just the thing to help us get organized.

I wanted to make something that was a bit unique, which would help us be more organized and which would look good.

Here’s what we built.

01 - Final Photo First

This is the space I had to work with. Between the side of the cupboard and the moulding on the sliding door was a 4 inch space, plenty of depth for some spice bottles.

02 - The Space

I started with a 4×1 maple board and spent some time with our spice bottles to see how far apart the shelves should be. I made sure to take into account the thickness of the shelves and to give a little extra space to get the bottles in and out with ease.

Once I had the measurements I used a framing square to mark the start of each line and a smaller square to draw a straight line across the board for each shelf.

04 - Measure twice

Next I made a mini-dado with two saw blades stacked side by side, with a washer in between. This worked out to be about the same thickness as my shelves.

I used my mini dado with the cross cut sled to cut slots for the shelves all along the 1×4.

05 - Cut Once


I then set up the table saw fence and cut three 1-inch wide strips from he 1×4. These strips will hold up the shelves.

06 - Cutting the supports


Now on to the shelves. Home depot had some 4-inch wide, 1/4 inch thick oak boards that seemed suitable. I the shelf design by drawing a curve that I liked.

03 - Measure once


Then cutting the shelves all to length in the cross cut sled.


07 - Cut the shelves with the crosscut sled




Next I used traced the curve in several different positions on different shelves and cut them out on the bandsaw.

08 - Cutting out the shelf shapes

I only had a 1/2 inch bandsaw blade which didn’t let me cut tight curves so I used the belt sander to round out some of the rough spots.

Here are the different shelf designs. There’s a whole shelf, a hole in the middle, a hole everywhere but the middle and varying lengths of left and right shelves.

09 - Sanding


Here I’m doing a test before finishing or mounting the spice rack.

10 - Testing it

Looks good! I finished everything with watco danish oil, and then screwed the long strips to the wall. The shelves can be removed and repositions from the slots.

11 - After applying Danish Oil and Hanging 12 - Angle shot13 - Top down


So there you go, there’s our new spice rack!


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Apple and Walnut Spoons For Mothers Day

After the successful spoon making a few weeks ago, I decided to make a couple more. These two were Mother’s Day presents for my wonderful mother-in-law.

I started with a small slab of walnut and a small slab of apple wood. I cut out some rough spoon shapes on the bandsaw, and used a forstner bit to drill out some bowls.

Rough cut spoons
Rough cut spoons

I brought them inside and did some doodling and sketching on them to see what kinds of shapes would look good. Hannah helped out.

Hannah playing with the rough cut spoons
Hannah playing with the rough cut spoons

After sketching I went back to the bandsaw and rough cut the shapes and then started carving out the bowls some more. I wanted to get the bowls carved out before the handles were cut down any more, so that I could put some force on the spoons without breaking the handles.

Carving out the bowls
Carving out the bowls

After carving out the bowls I hit the bandsaw yet again to finish off the handle shaping, then I used the belt sander and hand sanded everything to be as smooth as I wanted it.

Walnut and apple spoons, top view
Walnut and apple spoons, top view

After sanding I soaked both spoons in mineral oil, then buffed them with paraffin wax to get the shine.

Walnut and apple spoons, side view
Walnut and apple spoons, side view
Walnut spoon
Walnut spoon
Back of the apple spoon
Back of the apple spoon
The Spoon Bowls
The Spoon Bowls
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