I am the real Michael Moore. It’s true. I was raised in Michigan where I learned to love a good cold winter and a short warm summer. After traveling the world I returned to the Midwest, now to beautiful Fridley, Minnesota where I share a quarter acre and a 50’s rambler with my wife and kids.

What’s Stuporglue? Stuporglue has been my online handle and website since 2003 or 2004 when I realized that people Googling for “Michael Moore” would never find me. It seems that a whole host of people have hijacked my name, many of them before I was even born.  I’m not really sure where it came from, and it doesn’t really mean anything in particular. The best explanation might be that it seemed funny to a sophomore computer science student and the domain was available and leave it at that.

I manage to keep myself busy. Between family, work, church and my various hobbies I’m never bored. Details about many of those hobbies can be found on this site.

Just don’t forget. I’m the real Michael Moore.

2 Responses to Stuporglue?

  1. Not Christy says:

    “I am constantly juggling my real job, web programming consulting (mainly PHP), genealogy, home repair, gardening, woodworking, Church and scouting responsibilities”

    yeah, but what about kids?

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