2011 Garden Finally Planted

Well, I finally did it. I finally got everything planted. I also ended up buying two more fluorescent shop lights and making a better growing station than I had last year.


Everything Planted and Under the Grow Lights
Everything Planted and Under the Grow Lights

I made a frame to go around the shelves, and lined it with part of a 2mm poly drop cloth. the bottom shelf of containers doesn’t have water trays, so they just drip down to the bottom. you can see on the left that I’ve got the lights on a timer.

Last year we made a 5 gallon bucket of wet dirt and filled containers from that before planting. I wish we had done that again this year. When I watered the plants, the light dirt swirled all over, and I’m pretty sure that a lot of the seeds are no longer at their recommended depths. Oh well, I’ll cross my fingers and everything will probably work out anyways.

Happy planting!

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  1. AnnaMarie says:

    Way to go! Is this in the laundry room?

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