WordPress Time

That’s right, it’s wordpress time here.

Thank you for your patience during the transition, and please excuse the temporarily broken links (if I miss something) and changing themes as I find a setup I like.

I’ve got more interesting projects to work on than updating this site by hand. The next few days/weeks/months will be a transitional time as I get the old content migrated over to the blog.

When I discovered Linux, Open Source and computers back in January of 2003 the allure of Open Source was that I could see how things worked. I could tear apart an initrd file and break something. I could write programs! It was just a question of what I wanted to do. Most of the time it was technology for technology’s sake. During that time I would spend nearly every waking hour on the computer. There was so much that I wanted to understand, and even more that I didn’t.

Since 2003, I married a beautiful wonderful woman, had two kids (and one on the way), graduated from college, moved across the country, bought a house and more. It’s not that I don’t still love technology, it’s just that my priorities have changed. The days of spending 3 hours playing with CSS just to see if I could not use a single table on my site are gone. Instead, I want to play with my wife and boys, dig in my garden, make some furniture or do some genealogy.

Or sleep. I would do just about anything to get some more sleep . This is the new attraction of Open Source. Since it is customizable I can automate many of the things I want to do, saving me time or money. Asterisk (plus Google Voice) gets me free home phone calls and lets me downgrade my cell phone service. MythTV + Handbrake lets my kids watch movies without ruining our DVDs. Ubuntu let’s me hardly even think about viruses or upgrades. Installing WordPress will hopefully let me spend less time on website maintenance and let me do a better job with the content on my website.

On this site at various times though the years I have had user authentication, RSS feeds, file uploads, photo galleries and more, all built by hand. Those projects were lots of fun, and more importantly, I understand how they work. This understanding lets me do a better job as a PHP programmer. Sometimes though, you need to decide what you want to do. I decided that in light of my other growing interests I would rather be able to quickly and easily post new stories and how-tos rather than spending extra time manually writing the HTML and PHP.

I hope that I’m not giving up too much control. My biggest fear with this transition is that something I want to do isn’t going to be easily done, and I’ll end up having to learn how to hack on WordPress. I’m happy that it’s an option, but it’s something I hope I don’t end up needing to do.

During the transition each of my old pages will appear on the main page temporarily, and I will be adding “this page is old” info on applicable pages. I’ll be adding 301 redirects to pages as they disappear, so hopefthatully you didn’t get here on a broken link. If you did, let me know and I’ll do my best to fix it.

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