UMN (and others!) EZProxy Bookmarklet

You can get off-campus access to journal articles (and other resources?) that you’d have to go to the library for by using EZProxy.

EZProxy works by appending the URL you wish to view to the end of your school’s proxy URL. Your school’s proxy will make you authenticate and then give you access to the page you wanted to view (if your school subscribes to that resource).

A list of EZProxy URLs is maintained here, see if your school is listed. If you use Google Chrome you can install the EZProxy Redirect plugin.

If you’re NOT a Chrome user you can save this bookmarklet and use it next time you end up on a page you need to access through the library.

EZProxy Bookmarklet

Drag the appropriate link to your bookmark bar:

I’ve only listed UMN and BYU because I know I’ve got friends at those schools who could use this. You can make your own bookmarklet pretty easily though.

To make your own bookmarklet, get the URL for your schools EZProxy and replace it in the code below. Save the code to a new bookmarklet in your browser. Remove the @ sign from the URL.




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