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Announcing Todayish In History

My other blog was a garden blog and so old posts have a high likelihood of becoming relevant again each and every year around the same time. I wanted a way to display a link to the blog post written nearest to the current date from each previous year. After not finding a plugin that did what I wanted, I wrote my own.

The plugin is named Todayish because if there isn’t a blog post from today’s
date in previous years it will use the blog post which is the least
number of days away from todays date.

Todayish in History provides a function for use in themes as well as a
widget for use in your sidebar.

Todayish In History’s Homepage

Todayish In History has a permanent home at https://stuporglue.org/todayish-in-history/.

Hopefully this proves to be a useful plugin for someone. Please send me any feedback. You can use the comments, the contact page, or email me at stuporglue@gmail.com.




There is no demo online anymore.

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