Ryan’s Rocket — Implementation, Phase One

If you’re wondering what this is about, I’m building a rocket for Ryan. It will mainly be a toy,but will also be launchable. Today I finally made a little time to get started. The rocket is going to be thin aluminum sheets over black poly pipe and acrylic structures. I got most of the rocket guts cut and drilled today. I still need to find an appropriate glue for the poly-acrylic joints, and get a couple of straws for the launch guide.

Ryan’s Retro Rocket Template

Here’s the template I made up for cutting out the acrylic. I glued this sheet down with a glue stick and then used the scroll saw. The acrylic came with a protective layer on it, so once I had cut it, I just peeled that protective layer, which brought the glued on template with it.

I made the template in Inkscape after brainstorming and doodling on paper.

Ryan's Retro Rocket Templates
Ryan's Retro Rocket Templates

Rocket Pictures and Progress

you can see my first attempt at a nose here. I didn’t like the spiraling, so I will probably be revisiting the nose.

Rocket as It Currently Stands
Rocket as It Currently Stands

I added one more layer that’s not on the template. I added a lego platform. These guys will be stuck inside, but you’ll be able to see them when you take the nose cone off. The nose cone will come off to hold the parachute when we launch i.

Test pilots
Test pilots

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  1. Caroline Moore says:

    He’s really going to love this, Michael! You are amazing!

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