I Turned Some Finials On My New Shopsmith

I made these finials for Sophie’s bed on my new Shopsmith lathe! They’re made from apple wood I got from Craigslist this spring and cut up with my chainsaw.

Finials sitting on my shopsmith mark v
Finials sitting on my shopsmith mark v

They’re not quite identical, and they’re not quite spherical, but I think they turned out OK for just eyeballing them. I need to get some calipers and figure out how to make sure things are spherical.

Once they were on the bed you can hardly tell though. At some point we’ll get around to painting the bed so it all matches.

Finials installed on the bed post
Finials installed on the bed post

I started the week needing a bandsaw. My tablesaw died a few years ago, and I was sick of fighting the free, broken and undersized bandsaw I got off of craigslist last year. I came across the Shopsmith and realized that for the price of a good bandsaw I could get a bandsaw, table saw, lathe, disk sander, drill press AND a bandsaw. So I did.

This is an upgrade from the 1950s powercraft I was using which was an upgrade from the drill press I turned into a lathe before that.

I’ve got lots of fun projects in mind and I’ve got a decent collection of wood to turn through. Now if I could just play in the garage all the time.

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