HTML5 Genealogy Pedigree-Viewer

tl;dr Free HTML5 pedigree viewer software. Demo. Code (development). Code (stable).

Pedigree Viewer Screenshot
Pedigree Viewer Screenshot

Pedigree-Viewer is an HTML5


  • Horizontal or Vertical Tree View!
  • Ancestor, Descendant or Bowtie View!
  • Works with out PHP (if you prepare a JSON file)!
  • Loads data dynamically from a GEDCOM file!
  • Free and Open Source!

Bugs / Known Issues

Included at no extra cost!

Please file bugs here.


The company I work for, Real Time Collaboration, had been working on an HTML5 genealogy pedigree viewer for a project and ended up not needing it.

We had started working on our own tree viewer because we couldn’t find any good ones that were available for us to use. Representing a family tree can be complicated. In just a few generations you’re dealing with hundreds of ancestors. Branches may be missing, people have multiple spouses, relatives from different branches get married…

Pedigree-Viewer doesn’t address all these issues yet, but it’s a start.

I didn’t write any of the display code, but I did clean it up, and will be maintaining it.

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