Homemade canoe

This is a canoe-ish boat I made a few summers ago. I used the instructions at Hannu’s Boatyard as the basis for mine. I used two pieces of plywood though, and made the base section a full eight feet long instead of cutting it to use as the ends.

It floats two adults easily.

Below are some notes and pictures I took while building it.


Finally, it’s taking a real boat shape. I still need to add gunwales and other support structures before I can paint it.

basic boat frame

I wrapped the end pieces with fiberglass. The ends were quite sharp, and I figgure the end is the most likely part to get bumped into something that could damage it, so wrapping it seemed appropriate. The fiberglass is actually fiberglass drywall patch tape. I also used it on the seams, and it seems to work pretty well.

fiberglass wrapped canoe ends

The waterproofing made the boat look a nice rich red. I was almost tempted to leave it this color, but I think I’ll feel safer with a few coats of exterior water proof paint on it.

Waterproofing the canoe

Caroline and I in the boat.

Caroline and I in our homemade canoe

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  1. Evan says:

    Can you post the instructions because the site you got them from is down.

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