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[8-12 Appendix Q?
Carla ]oins Our Family
Carla was born October 29, 1954, at well as some clothes lines in the basement.
6:22 a.m. at the LDS Hospital in Salt Lake
City, Utah. She weighed 6 pounds, 11 The front room had a broken-down,
ounces, and was 19 inches long. Dr. overstuff chair, an army cot for a couch,
Edward M. ]eppson was the attending piano, a bookcase made of wooden
physician. He held her up on one hand orange crates stacked up, and a TV. The
and said, "What a beautiful baby." windows had lace curtains that didn't
match, and roller shades. The bare wood
Mama came to tend the kids while I floor was now painted.
had my baby. As I remember, I went
alone to the hospital. Billy kept talking The dining room had another army cot
about our new baby going to be a hal- which Geraldine slept on, a buffet used as
loween ghost, but she came October 29th a chest of drawers, refrigerator, large
instead of October 30th. upright freezer, sewing machine, and a
small, white drop-leaf table with 4 chairs.
Carla was blessed and given a name We used a board between two chairs so
December 5, 1954, in Murray 7th Ward, all the kids could sit at the table. The lace
Murray Stake by her grandfather Martin curtains in the dining room didn't match
Bryan Echols. (Geraldine was confirmed either.
a member of the Church of ]esus Christ of
Latter-day Saints the same day by Martin The bedroom had a large bed made of
Bryan Echols. I also received my Golden wooden boxes from explosive powder
Gleaner Award the same day.) from the mine fit together on the floor
and covered with a large pad, a double
We were still renting a small frame bed, and a baby crib. Billy, Martin,
house at 6027 South State Street in Anthony, and Shirley slept on the box-
Murray, Utah. It consisted of a front bed. Carla was in the crib. One five-
room, dining room, kitchen, small bath- drawer chest of drawers for the whole
room, one bedroom, a large clothes closet family stood in the corner. The window
across the hall from the bathroom, a small curtains were made of special curtain
cement front porch and steps, a back paper.
door entrance and an inside stairway
which led to the basement. Two large The kitchen had an electric stove, cup-
rooms and a furnace room were in the boards and sink. My Maytag wringer
basement. washing machine stood in a corner. I
moved it to the sink when I washed to
The furnace was a coal / wood furnace pump the waste water down the drain.
that had to be stoked by hand. It also The cupboard I built for groceries stood
smoked a lot and had to have the ashes just outside the kitchen door on the land-
and flue soot cleaned out regularly. Water ing.
came up in the basement in the spring, so
we couldn't live down there. However, I A big front yard had grass, and a
built some fruit shelves and a mill table as large elm tree on the north which shaded

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