Re-Announcing CLIc

Associate Vim, Emacs or other CLI text editors with your text files.

Back in the day I used Vim in the terminal on OSX, but I couldn’t click on .php or .whatever files and have them open up in Vim in the terminal. This little program was just so that OSX could associate a file type with an application, CLIc would then pass the arguments off to the text editor of your choice.


I don’t even know if this works on modern Macs. It was released back in 2005 for OSX 10.3. I just found a copy in a backup I had so I thought I’d re-upload it.

CLIc provides a way to associate text files with your favorite command line editor. It acts as a dropplet (drop files on the icon to edit them), and also provides open and new menu items. CLIc supports opening files with “sudo” so you can edit those system or privlidged files. Several different icon sets are also available for download so you can show that you use vim or emacs.

What’s new in this version:

  • Is no longer hardcoded to vim
  • Changeable iconsets
  • Open/New dialogs
  • Sudo open option
  • Any type of file can be dropped on the icon
  • Fixed problem where generated launch script would be cleaned up before it was run
  • Added help documentation

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