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I just posted about 20 doodles to this blog. Doodles I’ve had for a while, but most of which I am still proud of to some extent. I’m not artistic. My wife will confirm that for you. Any semblance of art, or even the ability to recognize whatever I have drawn is 95% pure chance.

When I do end up trying to doodle, I really like using Inkscape. Inkscape is a free program similar to Adobe Illustrator. It is an amazing vector graphics editor (eg. SVG files). I like working with SVG because I can tweak my drawings easily and move things around like so many paper cutouts.

I continue to find old content that I don’t want to discard, so I continue to post it to this site so that it’s all in one place and available for people to see. I will very probably have a few more posts that are repeats for long time visitors in coming days. Please continue to bear with me as I get the site set up.

If anyone wants to learn how to use Inkscape, I would be happy to teach you!

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