Calvin’s Spring-legged Dog

Calvin really wanted to buy some springs. So we went to what might be my favorite store in the whole world: Ax-man and he bought some with his very own money. When we got home Calvin said he wanted to make them into dogs legs and make a dog to go with them. So we did. It’s for the current love of his life, Natalie. They’re in kindergarten together.

He loved two recent dachshunds he recently saw, and his springs were short, so we went with it. I cut the dog profile out of oak on the bandsaw. Calvin was in charge of painting.

Calvin starts painting
Calvin starts painting

Calvin wanted to use all the colors, but we convinced him not to do that. Instead he chose the “colors of Italy” — Red, white and blue. Caroline and I thought that Red, White and Green would look worse than Red, White and Blue, so we didn’t correct him.

Against our recommendation of brown, he chose "The colors of Italy". Red, White and Blue.
Against our recommendation of brown, he chose “The colors of Italy”. Red, White and Blue.

We returned to Ax-man again and bought a skinny spring for the tail, some metal clips and screws to hold the spring legs on, and some leather for the ears. We had some old fake red leather for the tongue from a previous project.

We put a layer of polyurethane over the paint to protect it, and then attached the various bits and pieces.

Hello Doggie!
Hello Doggie!

Nice job Calvin!


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