Hand Plane

As part of a kitchen remodel project I needed a hand plane. Well, I have three, but they’re all smaller smoothing planes. I wanted something a little bigger which I could use as a something between a scrub plane or a jack plane. I had an extra plane blade sitting around, so I made one.

Top of the plane
Top of the plane

The bottom and very top is the straightest, flattest piece of oak that Home depot had. The middle is a maple sandwich made from the same reclaimed maple flooring that our counter tops are being made from.

I glued the middle three pieces for the front and back together, then cut the angles I wanted. The top of the plane was originally a single oak board which I used a drill to make a hole, then a jig saw to rough-cut then a chisel and hammer to bring in line with the angles of the middle angles. I did the same thing for the bottom.

Side of the plane
Side of the plane

After gluing everything together I cut out the profile I wanted with the band saw, then ran the edges through the router to round over the edges and add the decorative pin-stripe. I used the drill press to drill a hole straight through both sides and pounded a dowel in with a drop of glue on each side. I then planed off the edge of the dowel to be flush with the sides of the plane.

I used the belt sander with some 80 grit paper to round out the pommel / handle at the end and then sanded it down to 120 by hand.

Handle of the Plane
Handle of the Plane

I gave it several coats of danish oil and then a coat of mineral oil.

The blade is held in place with a wooden wedge. It was something in my scrap pile, I don’t even know what – probably pine.

Planer blade
Planer blade

I’ve done a couple of test runs with it and I’m very happy with how it works. It doesn’t hurt that it looks nice too. Tomorrow the big counter top I need it for should be dry so I’ll be able to put it through a real test.


This thing works REALLY really well. I sharpened the blade on a high grit grinding wheel and was able to really scrub the counter I’m making quickly and efficiently.

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Announcing EatMoore.com

My wife is a great cook and has been cultivating a recipe collection since before we were married. Last year (2013) she made a very limited run(4 books) of hand-made recipe books for as Christmas present for a couple of friends.

For her birthday this year I made her a recipe website. You can check it out at EatMoore.com.

It uses the Bootstrap framework for the layout, Typeahead.js for the searching, and PHP with Postgres for the back end.

You can download the code over on GitHub

EatMoore.com screenshot
EatMoore.com screenshot


  • LibreOffice Base front-end for easily loading in data
  • Support for sub-recipes (eg. for sauces or whatever)
  • Uses the popular Bootstrap 3 framework
  • Instructions and About sections support Markdown
  • Fractions look like fractions
  • Search / Autocomplete box
  • Random meal generator
  • Works well on mobile devices and on the desktop
  • Support for marking recipes as favorite or quick (or both)
  • Browse recipes by ingredient or by category
  • Nice print specific CSS makes for easy hard-copy recipes
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How to Flip All of XOrg Upsidedown

I recently hung an old iMac upsidedown from the ceiling to be used as a media center. It’s out of reach of the kids, but I needed to flip the video upside down. Since I am using Linux, I needed X11 to be inverted.

Upside Down Mac
Upside Down Mac


It ended up being really easy.

1) Generate an xorg.conf file:

sudo X -configure

(This is saved in ~/xorg.conf.new)

2) Copy the xorg.conf file to /etc/X11
sudo cp ~/xorg.conf.new /etc/X11

3) Restart X to make sure the conf file is good
sudo service kdm restart

(or sudo service lightdm restart, or whatever you’re using)

4) Edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf
Find the “Monitor” section and add this line:

Option "Rotate" "inverted"

5) Restart X11 again to apply the change. It should now appear upside-down


One shortcoming — If you have an built-in video camera, this does not flip the video camera upside down too. Since this is a media center, they won’t be needing the video camera at the moment.

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